Sonett – a pioneer in ecological laundry detergents and cleaners since 1977

The Sonett products are now available in almost all European countries. Demand is also steadily increasing in non-European countries. Our company headquarters are in Deggenhausertal, near to Lake Constance.

Approximately 90% of the Sonett products are sold via the health food trade.

Sonett Profile

Geographic location: Sonett is situated in Deggenhausen – Southern Germany - 15 km to the north of Überlingen, on the Lake Constance.

Initial Incentive and Task

Caring and feeling responsible for water as the essence of all life, has made Sonett come into life. Water as such is the actual laundry detergent and cleaning agent. By using readily and completely biodegradable raw materials such as purely plant-derived soaps, sugar surfactants, and minerals such as sodium carbonate and silicates, we increase the washing performance of the water, at the same time fostering its being returned to and reintegrated into the natural cycle. Doing the laundry and cleaning are “cultural achievements” which, though useful to man, do pollute the water.

We consider it our task to do the laundry and cleaning in harmony with nature, and especially with the water, in a considerate and revitalizing way.


Our entire range of laundry powders, liquid laundry detergents, and cleaning agents are produced in the Sonett Plant at Deggenhausen.
Our liquid soaps are manufactured in a procedure of chemical reaction, transforming the oils into soap without applying any energy, instead of using the conventional energy-intensive soap boiling.

Considerable part of our labeling is carried out by disabled people at the Camphill Workshops Lehenhof. This offers Sonett a great flexibility in working in small batches; taken into account the great variety of languages regarding our labeling, this is a perfect addition. As far as the Lehenhof Workshops are concerned, this co-operation creates socio-therapeutic jobs and income for their sheltered people.


Approx. 50% of Sonett’s entire production is exported to more than 45 countries worldwide; approx. 50% is sold within Germany, the organic wholesale trade with its approx. 90% of our total sales being the main distribution channel. A smaller percentage goes straight to institutions for handicapped people, old people’s homes, schools, and kindergartens.

Our concept not only requires outstanding ecological quality of our products – which means precious, and thus expensive, raw materials and manufacturing processes – but also to offer the products at the lowest possible price. For the production of our bar soap, granular soap and disinfectants we cooperate with several small enterprises in Germany and Austria.

Since summer of 1996 Sonett GmbH has been situated in the valley of Deggenhausen about 15 km to the north of Überlingen on the Lake Constance. Close by are the Camphill Workshops of the Lehenhof, an institution for disabled grown-ups. Considerable part of our labelling is carried out by their sheltered people. This approach enables Sonett to work with flexibility, and it provides socio-therapeutic employment for the Lehenhof as well as income for their sheltered people.