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Magazine ÖKO-TEST gives Sonett’s Massage Oil Mistelform Lemon-Swiss Pine highest rating

Magazine ÖKO-TEST gives Sonett’s Massage Oil Mistelform Lemon-Swiss Pine highest rating

Sonett’s Body and Massage Oil Mistelform LemonSwiss Pine was given the highest rating in the July issue of the magazine ÖKO-TEST. The rating bases on the high organic quality of the product as well as the complete absence of worrisome ingredients. The basic carrier oil is a valuable organic olive oil; further ingredients are essential oils made from lemon and Swiss pine which are also organically grown. And, as core feature, an extract, obtained by oscillated pulping of mistletoe leaf and mistletoe berry, is added to the product. Of great significance for the ÖKO-TEST evaluation is Sonett’s Body and Massage Oil not containing any paraffines, silicones or other problematic compounds. Neither does it contain any PEG or cheap petroleum derivates. Furthermore, the cardboard packaging was tested for possible PVC/PVDC/chlorinated compounds causing problems for the environment – and no cause for complaint was to be found here either. ÖKO-TEST’s conclusion: „An excellent body and skin oil can do without any substances that might be hazardous to health.” The Test Magazine also pointed out ingredients of superior or inferior quality having an impact on the price. Sometimes low-priced synthetic oil components or cheap soya oil are being used as well.
MISTELFORM Sensible Prozesse is a new body-care product line centring on mistletoe. It includes body and massage oils as well as body lotions and is produced from valuable certified organically grown ingredients. This product line was developed in cooperation with the Delos Research Centre ( Summer and winter mistletoe, i.e. their leaves and berries, processed into aqueous solutions, are being rhythmicised in swinging motion in a fluid oscillator. By doing so they are sensitized for each other and blended. Going about this way, a substance of a completely new quality is created. A quality which may also induce people to harmonize inner polar opposites thus compensating and balancing them. Processed into massage oils and body lotions, the “new mistletoe” acts harmonizing, induces autoactivation and forms a protective shell.
The body and massage oils are body-care, nourishing emulsions to be shaken, which are excellently absorbed by the skin. Apart from the “Lemon-Swiss Pine”, the types “Common Myrtle-Orange Flower” and “Lavender-Frankincense” are available as well.
Ingredients of body and massage oil: Nourishing body-care oil with rhythmicised mistletoe extract: olive oil*, mistletoe extract obtained from berries and leaves*, sensitized in the oscillator, lanolin, vegetable alcohol (ethanol)*, pure essential oils* * from certified organic cultivation/collection from wild-growing plants
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