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Nature Care Products Standard certifies:

• The use of organically grown raw materials

• Containing no enzymes of GMO

• Optimum biodegradability

• Recyclable packaging 

• Controlled by EcoControl Germany 



Natural Cosmetics Standard certifies:

• The use of organically grown raw materials 

• No GMO 

• No microplastics 

• No parabens, silicones and phtalates

• Environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging 

• Controlled by EcoControl Germany



This is the highest standard for extensive analysis and certification of CO2.

  • The label certifies the analysis of the entire enterprise regarding CO2 emissions and complete transparency as far as the processes causing CO2 are concerned. The analysis proves that Sonett hardly generates CO2 emissions due to heating and electrical energy.


The CSE Label stands for:

  • Certified sustainable business management of the Association for Applied Business Ethics
  • CSE = Certified Sustainable Economics
  • Contrary to pure product certification, this label comprises the entire company. In addition to ecological product requirements, the company’s social and ethical orientations are certified.


The Vegan Society Label certifies:

  • No animal ingredients are contained
  • Sonett does not carry out any animal experiments nor does the company give respective orders to do so

All of our Sonett products carry the Vegan Society Label, with the exception of Sonett Wool Care, Sonett Gall Soap – bar and liquid – as well as Sonett Floor Mopping Fluid, which contain animal ingredients.